Bandipur National Park Tiger Safari Timings, Price, Bookings, Best Time to Visit

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If you are a wildlife lover and want to experience the thrill of spotting the majestic tigers in their natural habitat, then Bandipur National Park is the perfect destination for you. Bandipur National Park is one of the largest and oldest tiger reserves in India, located in the state of Karnataka. The park is home to over 100 tigers, as well as elephants, leopards, sloth bears, gaurs, deer, and many other animals and birds.

Bandipur National Park Tiger Safari Timings, Price, Bookings, Best Time to Visit
Bandipur National Park Tiger Safari Timings, Price, Bookings, Best Time to Visit

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Bandipur National Park Tiger Safari, such as its timings, price, bookings, and best time to visit. We will also give you some tips and tricks to make your safari experience more enjoyable and memorable.

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Bandipur National Park Tiger Safari Timings, Tickets and Price

Bandipur National Park Tiger Safari tickets can be purchased at the ticket counter near the main entrance of the park. The ticket counter opens half an hour before the safari timings and closes when the tickets are sold out. The tickets are issued on a first-come-first-serve basis and cannot be booked in advance.

The ticket price and timings for Bandipur National Park Tiger Safari are as follows:

VehiclePrice (INR)Timing
BusRs 650 / Seat06:15 AM to 07:45 AM
07:45 AM to 09:30 AM
02:30 PM to 04:00 PM
04:00 PM to 05:30 PM
05:00 PM to 06:30 PM
GypsyRs 3500 / Seat06:30 AM to 08:30 AM
08:30 AM to 10:30 AM
02:30 PM to 04:30 PM
04:30 PM to 06:30 PM
Bandipur National Park Tiger Safari Tickets and Price

The ticket price includes the entry fee, safari fee, guide fee, and GST.

How to Book Bandipur National Park Tiger Safari

To enhance your visit to Bandipur National Park and experience the majestic tiger safari without the inconvenience of long queues, consider these streamlined options:

Secure Your Safari Adventure Online

Embrace convenience by reserving your Bandipur Tiger Safari expedition directly through the Bandipur Tiger Reserve’s official website. This user-friendly platform enables you to select your preferred safari date, time, vehicle type, and seating arrangement with ease.

Please note that online reservations are exclusive to jeep safaris. A nominal convenience fee of Rs. 100 per seat is applicable to facilitate your booking process. Availability is contingent upon confirmation from the forest department, ensuring your plans align with park regulations and conservation efforts.

Opt for Private Safari Experiences

For a tailored safari adventure, private tour operators offer bespoke Bandipur Tiger Safari packages. These operators collaborate closely with the forest department to provide personalized jeep safari experiences, including preferred timings and routes.

While opting for a private operator may come at a premium, these packages often encompass additional conveniences such as accommodations, culinary services, and transportation, ensuring a seamless and enriching wildlife experience. To explore this option, you can reach out to these operators via their official websites, contact numbers, or email.

By considering these alternatives, you not only enhance your chance of witnessing the majestic tigers of Bandipur but also contribute to the conservation efforts and sustainable tourism practices that protect this vital ecosystem.

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What to Expect during Bandipur National Park Tiger Safari

Embark on a Bandipur National Park Tiger Safari for a captivating journey into the heart of wildlife diversity. This adventure offers more than just a glimpse into the animal kingdom; it’s a comprehensive experience guided by experts who bring the forest’s stories to life.

Bandipur National Park Tiger Safari Gypsy
Bandipur National Park Tiger Safari Gypsy

Each safari is equipped with binoculars and a wildlife checklist, ensuring you’re prepared to spot and identify the myriad of species that call this park home.

Encounter the Majestic Tigers: Bandipur, known for its significant tiger population, presents an unparalleled opportunity to observe these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. While sightings are influenced by chance, the thrill of tracking tigers through their pugmarks and calls enriches the experience, promising every moment is filled with anticipation.

Witness Gentle Giants – Elephants: The park is also a sanctuary for Asia’s largest land mammals, elephants, seen in their natural social groups. Observing their intricate social behaviors and communication offers a glimpse into their intelligent nature. Visitors are reminded to respect these peaceful giants by keeping a safe distance under the guidance of the safari experts.

Spot the Elusive Leopards: Leopards, with their nocturnal and solitary habits, add a layer of mystery to the safari. Their ability to blend into the forest and agility in trees makes every sighting a memorable event, showcasing the diversity and adaptability of wildlife in Bandipur.

Discover a Rich Biodiversity: Beyond the big cats, Bandipur is a haven for various species, including sloth bears, gaurs, and a plethora of bird life. Over 250 bird species make the park a birdwatcher’s paradise, offering vibrant sights and sounds that enhance the safari experience.

This safari is not just a wildlife sighting tour; it’s an educational journey where every trail unveils the secrets of the wild, guided by experts who ensure a safe, respectful, and enlightening experience. Whether you’re an avid wildlife enthusiast or a curious explorer, Bandipur promises an unforgettable adventure through the beauty and wonder of nature.

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How to Reach Bandipur National Park Tiger Safari from Mysore and Bangalore

Discover the adventure that awaits at Bandipur National Park Tiger Safari, a treasure of wildlife nestled within the lush landscapes of Karnataka. Whether you’re journeying from Mysore or Bangalore, reaching this natural haven is convenient, offering a variety of travel options tailored to your preferences.

Bandipur National Park
Bandipur National Park

Traveling from Mysore:

  • By Road: A mere 70 km and approximately 1.5 hours away, the drive from Mysore to Bandipur is both quick and scenic. Opt for the comfort of your vehicle or the ease of a taxi or cab service. The journey takes you through NH 275 and NH 766, passing by the quaint town of Gundlupet, a gateway to Bandipur’s wild realms.
  • By Rail: For those who prefer the rhythm of the tracks, a train to Nanjangud, the nearest railway station to Bandipur located 55 km away, offers a different perspective of Karnataka’s countryside. The journey from Mysore takes around 2 hours, after which you can complete your trip to Bandipur via taxi or bus in about an hour.

Traveling from Bangalore:

  • By Road: The 220 km drive is a perfect road trip, taking around 4 hours. Travel at your own pace with a private vehicle or hire a taxi for a hassle-free experience. Buses, both government and private, are also available, offering a range of fare options and schedules.
  • By Rail: Embrace the charm of train travel from Bangalore to Nanjangud, then transfer to a taxi or bus for the final leg to Bandipur. The entire journey introduces you to the diverse landscapes of the region.
  • By Air: For the utmost convenience, fly into Mysore Airport, located 80 km from Bandipur, with connections from major cities like Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad. Alternatively, Bangalore Airport, 260 km away, serves as a global gateway, with numerous domestic and international flights. From either airport, taxis and buses provide direct access to Bandipur.

Each travel mode offers its own unique experience, ensuring your trip to Bandipur National Park Tiger Safari is just the beginning of an unforgettable adventure into the wild.

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Best Time to do Bandipur National Park Tiger Safari

Embarking on a Bandipur National Park Tiger Safari is a journey that can be enjoyed year-round, each season offering a unique perspective of the park’s vibrant ecosystem. However, to optimize your safari experience, considering the weather, wildlife activity, and visitor traffic is key. Here’s a guide to help you decide the best time for your adventure:

Weather Considerations

  • Summer (March to May): With temperatures soaring up to 35°C, the landscape turns dry, drawing animals to watering holes, which can increase your chances of sightings, especially tigers. Despite the heat, the visibility is high, making it a favored season for wildlife enthusiasts.
  • Monsoon (June to September): The park transforms into a lush paradise, though heavy rains may limit animal sightings as they seek shelter. This season offers a unique experience with fewer tourists and a vibrant, green backdrop, but be prepared for humid conditions and occasional safari route closures.
  • Winter (October to February): The cool and pleasant climate, with temperatures dropping to 10°C, makes winter an ideal time for comfortable safaris. This season attracts elephants and other herbivores to the open, grazing on the lush grasslands, against a picturesque setting.

Wildlife Sightings

  • Summer: Exceptional for observing tigers, as well as a plethora of birds and reptiles congregating around water sources.
  • Monsoon: Less favorable for sightings due to dense foliage and animals’ preference to stay sheltered from the rain.
  • Winter: Excellent for viewing elephants and a variety of herbivores in their natural habitats, enjoying the fresh vegetation.

Visitor Traffic

  • Peak tourist times align with the summer and winter seasons, particularly on weekends and holidays, owing to the pleasant weather and optimal wildlife viewing conditions. To avoid crowds and enjoy a serene safari experience, consider visiting on weekdays or during the quieter monsoon season.

By aligning your visit with these insights, you can enhance your Bandipur Tiger Safari experience, whether you seek thrilling wildlife encounters, tranquil nature explorations, or simply the beauty of the changing seasons.

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Final Thoughts on Bandipur National Park Tiger Safari

Bandipur National Park Tiger Safari is a wonderful way to explore the wildlife and nature of one of India’s finest tiger reserves. You can enjoy the safari in open jeeps or buses, and witness the amazing diversity of animals and birds, including the elusive tigers, elephants, leopards, and more. You can also learn about the history and conservation efforts of the park from the guides and the information boards.

Bandipur National Park Tiger Safari is suitable for all ages and interests and can be done throughout the year. However, you should plan your safari according to the weather, animal sightings, and crowd factors, and book your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment. Bandipur National Park Tiger Safari is a memorable and thrilling experience that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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