Namaskara, dear explorers! Welcome to the ‘Best of Bangalore’ – your exclusive and comprehensive guide to Namma Bengaluru, Bangalore, or as we like to call it, the Silicon Valley of India.

Who are we, you ask? Just a bunch of Bangalorean souls who have been breathing in the air of the city for over two decades, witnessing its ever-changing skyline, relishing the fascinating fusion of tradition and technology, and soaking in the city’s lively spirit.

Our hearts beat to the rhythm of Bangalore, and our passions intertwine with the city’s charm. Our intimate bond with the city, sharpened by decades of living here, makes us the ultimate guides to everything Bangalore has to offer.

Best of Bangalore is a labour of love, our love for this incredible city. We have roamed through the bustling markets of Chickpet, unwound in the lush greenery of Cubbon Park, savoured the gastronomic delights of VV Puram food street, and explored the tech parks of Whitefield. From Koramangala’s vibrant nightlife to the serene sunrise at Nandi Hills, we’ve experienced it all, and now we want to share these treasures with you.

Our mission is simple: to help you navigate the diversity and dynamism of Bangalore, whether you’re a resident or a visitor. Through our curated lists, insightful articles, and helpful tips, we strive to offer a comprehensive view of Bangalore’s culinary scene, shopping hubs, historical landmarks, educational institutions, and everything in between.

We aim to capture the vibrant, diverse, and ever-evolving character of our beloved city in a way that’s engaging, informative, and true to its essence.

Just as Bangalore has a blend of old and new, our team is a mix of seasoned veterans who’ve watched the city grow, and spirited youngsters who bring fresh perspectives. Each one of us is passionate about uncovering and sharing Bangalore’s best-kept secrets.

But we aren’t just about information. We’re a community, a collective of Bangalore lovers. We welcome your thoughts, your opinions, your stories. Because the real flavour of Bangalore doesn’t just lie in its landmarks, but in the people who call it home.

So come, join us. Explore the nooks and crannies of Bangalore, walk down its memory lanes, taste its flavours, witness its magic, and fall in love with the city, just like we did.

As we Bangaloreans say, “Life is a journey. Swalpa adjust maadi (make a little adjustment).” Dive into this journey with Best of Bangalore, and let us adjust your lens to see Bangalore in a way you never have before.

Happy Exploring!

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