Green Line Metro Bangalore: Station List, Timings, Tickets and Parking

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The Namma Metro consists of two operational lines: the Purple Line and the Green Line, and three under-construction or proposed lines: the Yellow Line, the Pink Line, and the Blue Line. In this blog post, we will focus on the Green Line Metro Bangalore, which is one of the most popular and widely used lines of the Namma Metro.

Green Line Metro Bangalore
Green Line Metro Bangalore: Station List, Timings, Tickets and Parking

Source: BMRCL Website

We will cover the following topics about the Green Line metro Bangalore:

  • Green Line metro Bangalore route Station list
  • Green line metro Bangalore timings for weekdays and weekends
  • Parking Facilities at Green Line Metro Bangalore metro stations
  • Ticket price for Green Line metro Bangalore
  • Which areas can you travel in Bangalore using Green Line metro Bangalore

By the end of this blog post, you will have comprehensive and updated information about the Green Line metro Bangalore, and how you can use it to explore the city and its attractions.

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Green Line Metro Bangalore Route and Station List

The Green Line Metro in Bangalore, a vital component of the city’s Namma Metro network, efficiently connects various parts of the city. Stretching from Nagasandra in the northwest to Silk Institute in the south, this 30.5 km metro line is a blend of elevated and underground sections, with 30 active stations enhancing the city’s connectivity.

Stations on the Green Line Metro Bangalore:

  1. Nagasandra
  2. Dasarahalli
  3. Jalahalli
  4. Peenya Industry
  5. Peenya
  6. Goraguntepalya
  7. Yeshwanthpura
  8. Sandal Soap Factory
  9. Mahalakshmi
  10. Rajajinagara
  11. Kuvempu Road
  12. Srirampura
  13. Sampige Road
  14. Nadaprabhu Kempegowda Station, Majestic (Interchange with Purple Line)
  15. Chikkapette
  16. Krishna Rajendra Market
  17. National College
  18. Lalbagh Botanical Garden
  19. South End Circle
  20. Jayanagara
  21. Rashtreeya Vidyalaya Road (Interchange with Yellow Line)
  22. Banashankari
  23. Jaya Prakash Nagara (Interchange with Pink Line)
  24. Yelachenahalli
  25. Konanakunte Cross
  26. Doddakallasandra
  27. Vajarahalli
  28. Talaghattapura
  29. Silk Institute

Future Expansions: Plans are underway to extend the Green Line further, with proposed stations at the Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre, Chikkabidarakallu, and Manjunathanagara.

Green Line Metro Bangalore Timings for Weekdays and Weekends

The Green Line metro Bangalore operates every day from 5:00 AM to 11:05 PM, with a frequency of 8 to 10 minutes. The travel time from Nagasandra to Silk Institute is about 55 minutes.

The Green Line metro Bangalore timings may change on public holidays or special occasions. You can check the latest updates and live arrival times on the Moovit app or the Namma Metro website.

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Parking Facilities at Green Line Metro Bangalore Stations

The Green Line of Namma Metro, a key public transit artery in Bangalore, India, connects Nagasandra in the north to Silk Institute in the south. Spanning 30 km with 29 active stations, it’s a lifeline for the city’s commuters. An essential aspect of this metro line is its convenient parking facilities, vital for those who use vehicles to reach the stations.

Parking Fees at Green Line Metro Stations:

  • Two-Wheelers:
    • Up to 4 hours: Rs 15
    • Additional hours: Rs 5/hour
    • Daily maximum: Rs 30
  • Four-Wheelers:
    • Up to 4 hours: Rs 30
    • Additional hours: Rs 10/hour
    • Daily maximum: Rs 60
  • Light Commercial Vehicles:
    • Up to 4 hours: Rs 75
    • Additional hours: Rs 25/hour
    • Daily maximum: Rs 150
  • Bicycles:
    • Per hour: Rs 1
    • Daily maximum: Rs 10

Note: Overnight parking is prohibited. Parking timings align with metro operational hours, starting at 5 am and ending half an hour after the last train.

Key Stations with Parking Facilities:

  1. Mysore Road: Capacity for 1700 two-wheelers and 250 four-wheelers. Spread over 2 acres and professionally managed.
  2. Yeshwanthpura: Accommodates 500 two-wheelers and 100 four-wheelers, conveniently located near the entrance.
  3. Jayanagara: Space for 400 two-wheelers and 50 four-wheelers, ensuring security and lighting.
  4. Yelachenahalli: Holds 300 two-wheelers and 50 four-wheelers, adjacent to the station for easy access.

Future Developments: BMRCL is planning to expand parking facilities at Hosahalli, Vijayanagara, and Magadi Road stations, aiming to enhance commuter convenience.

Ticket Price for Green Line Metro Bangalore

Traveling on Bangalore’s Green Line Metro? Here’s what you need to know about ticket prices, tailored to your journey and ticket type. The pricing varies based on distance and ticket choice, offering two convenient options: tokens and smart cards.

1. Token Tickets: For Single Journeys

  • What is it? A one-time use ticket for a specific journey.
  • Where to buy? Available at metro station ticket counters or vending machines.
  • Validity: Only for the day of purchase.
  • Cost: Ranges from Rs. 10 to Rs. 60, based on the number of stations on your route.
  • Calculation: Rs. 10 for the first station, plus Rs. 10 for each additional station.

2. Smart Cards: For Frequent Travelers

  • What is it? A reusable, rechargeable card for multiple journeys.
  • Initial Purchase: Rs. 50 (refundable security deposit) at ticket counters or customer care centers.
  • Recharge: Between Rs. 50 and Rs. 3000.
  • Discount: Enjoy a 5% reduction on standard token prices.
  • Additional Use: Can be used for metro station parking.

Example Fare Calculation: Traveling from Nagasandra to Silk Institute?

  • Token Price: Rs. 10 (base) + Rs. 280 (Rs. 10 x 28 additional stations) = Rs. 290
  • Smart Card Price: 95% of the token price = Rs. 275.50

Please Note: Prices are periodically updated by BMRCL. Always check the latest fares before traveling.

Which areas can you travel in Bangalore using Green Line Metro

The Green Line Metro Bangalore connects some of the important areas of the city, such as:

  • Nagasandra: A residential and industrial area in the northwest of Bangalore, known for its proximity to the Tumkur Road and the Peenya Industrial Area.
  • Yeshwanthpura: A major transport hub in the north of Bangalore, home to the Yeshwanthpura Railway Station, one of the busiest railway stations in the city, and the Yeshwanthpura Bus Stand, a terminal for inter-city and intra-city buses.
  • Majestic: The central hub of Bangalore, where the Green line and the Purple line intersect, and where the Bangalore City Railway Station and the Kempegowda Bus Station are located. Majestic is also a commercial and shopping area, with many hotels, cinemas, markets, and malls.
  • Lalbagh Botanical Garden: A famous tourist attraction in the south of Bangalore, renowned for its collection of over 1,800 species of plants, flowers, and trees, and its glass house that hosts flower shows twice a year.
  • Banashankari: A large residential and commercial area in the south of Bangalore, named after the Banashankari Amma Temple, a popular pilgrimage site. Banashankari is also known for its educational institutions, such as the PES University and the Bangalore University.
  • Konanakunte Cross: A developing area in the south of Bangalore, close to the Kanakapura Road and the NICE Road, which provide easy access to other parts of the city. Konanakunte Cross is also near the Art of Living International Centre, a spiritual and cultural center founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

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FAQson Green Line Metro Bangalore

What is the green line metro line in Bangalore?

The Green Line Metro in Bangalore is a vital public transit route that facilitates efficient travel between key areas. It spans from Nagasandra in the north to Silk Institute in the south, linking major neighborhoods including Yeshwantpur, Majestic, and Jayanagar, thereby aiding daily commutes significantly.

What is the new line of metro in Bangalore?

The new line of the Namma Metro in Bangalore is the Yellow Line, extending from R V Road to Bommasandra, covering a 19 km distance and serving the important IT hub of Electronic City. Additionally, there’s an extension of the Green Line from Nagasandra to Madavara, which is 3 km long.

Which is the longest metro line in Bangalore?

The longest metro line in Bangalore is the Purple Line, which extends for 42.5 km. This major stretch adds significant connectivity, easing commutes across the city and enhancing the urban transportation network.

Is indiranagar metro green or Purple Line?

Indiranagar Metro Station is part of the Purple Line, not the Green Line, of the Namma Metro system in Bangalore, India. It serves as an important transit point connecting various areas of the city on the Purple Line.

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